Scenes Grounds

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Grounds / Puzzles

Luis Garrido

Luis Garrido (10)

Turkey House

Turkey House (10)

Atom Architect

Atom Architect (10)

Agrigento Temple

Agrigento Temple Puzzle (10)

Falcon Diwan Puzzle

Falcon Diwan II (10)


Domesday (10)


Carousel (10)

La Chapelle

La Chapelle (10)

Steel Sector

Steel City Studio (10)

Luxury Favela

Luxury Favela (10)

Freakish Foyer

Freakish Foyer (10)

Bellas Artes

Bellas Artes (10)

Kerala Boat House

Kerala Boat House (10)

Cube House

Cube House (10)

Etruscan Warriors

Bagno Regio Scene (8)

Chefchaouen House

Chefchaouen (10)

Abandoned Furniture Factory

Old Furniture Factory (8)

Farmer's House

Farmer's House (10)

Antique Display

Antique Shop (10)

Mardi Gras Float

Mardi Grass (10)

Roman Courtyard

Pompeii (10)


Art Studio (10)

Toy Shop

Toy Shop (10)

Secluded Retreat

Secluded Retreat (10)

Sea Witch

Pirate Cove (10)


Doll House (10)

Estate Gazebo

Gazebo (10)

Tuscan Villa

Tuscan Villa (10)



Poolside Party (10)

The Manor Secrets


Geoffrey's Secret Chamber (10)

Ophidian War Room (10)

Secluded Treehouse 

Secluded Treehouse (8)

Lofty Playroom (9)

Rollover Desk (10)

Secluded Windmill 

Secluded Windmill (9)

Windmill Interior (9)

Curio Cabinet (10)

Secluded Lion Pond 

Lion Pond (9)

Sunken Lion (9)

Lion's Chest (10)

Secluded Pavilion 

Pavilion (10)

Dreaming Piano (10)

Stained Glass Window (10)

Guardian Retreat 

Secluded Retreat (10)

Guardian's Haven (10)

Separate Peace (10)

Secluded Stage Set 

Renaissance Faire (8)

Estate Bridge

Broken Bridge (8)

Prune Branch
Clear Rubble
Unlock Door


Guardian Chamber (8)

Dismantle Statue
Remove Head
Lighten Bookcase
Empty Bookcase
Move Bookcase

Open Podium

Guardian Archive (10)

Guardian Vault (10)

Ramsey Bridge (10)

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