Scenes Featured

Big thanks to Hidden Chronicles Helpers for the object maps.


Geoffrey's Order: Morgex Wine

Two Way Creek (10)

Roof Top View

Geoffrey's Order: Berlin Wall

Berlin Square (10)

Festival Of Lights

Geoffrey's Order: Tuzla

Abandoned Room (10)

Street Scape (10)

Geoffrey's Order: Michael's Mystery

St Michael's Mount (10)

Outdoor Garage (10)

Geoffrey's Order: The Distress of Spices

Spice Shop (10)

Hotel Balcony (10)

Geoffrey's Order: Scent of Decay

St. Guildas Guildhouse (10)

Witch Yard (10)

Geoffrey's Order: Roxalena

Doc's Underground Lab (10)

Clock Room (10)

CyArk Premium

El Caracol (10)

El Castillo (10)

Mother's Memories

Fairytale Nap Time (8) Mother's Day Event

Star-Gazing (9) Mother's Day Event

Nursery Rainbow (10) Mother's Day Event

A Basket Case

Candy Shop (8) Spring 2012

Gingerbread Porch (9) Spring 2012


Frost's Cottage (10) Spring 2012

The Lost Harp

Ancestral Castle (8) St. Patrick's Day

Immigrant Ship (9) St. Patrick's Day

Musical Quinns (9) St. Patrick's Day


Oliver's Teapot

Kid's Tea Party (8) Oliver's Teapot

Put Out Fire

Ocean Liner (9) Oliver's Teapot

Play Cello

Buckingham Palace (9) Oliver's Teapot

Polished Teapot

Lasting Love

Drive-In Theater (8) Valentine's Day

Skyview Room (9) Valentine's Day

Wedding Chapel (9) Valentine's Day

Year of the Dragon

Emperor's Chambers (8) Chinese New Year

Colonial Hong Kong (9) Chinese New Year

Dragon Dance (9) Chinese New Year

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