Train Robbery Collection

Bullet (Orient Express)
Revolver (Orient Express)

Invisible Man Collection

Hat (Orient Express)
Suitcase (Paris Bistro)
Military Boots (Thief's Lair)
Trench Coat (Orient Express)
Sunglasses (Paris Bistro)

Picnic Date Collection

Cheese (Cremona Workshop)
Wine Bottle (Orchestra Room)
Picnic Basket (Central Park)
Box of Chocolates (Orchestra Room)
Rose (Manhattan Alley)

Water Creatures Collection

Lobster (Mayan Temple)
Crab (Conquistador Camp)
Starfish (Underwater Wreckage)
Toad (Voodoo Shop)
Oyster (Mayan Temple)

Farm Animals Collection

Sheep (Seamstress' Chamber)
Rabbit (Russian Front)
Dog (Hermitage Room)
Rooster (Peasant Barn)
Dove (Costume Shop)

Gone Fishing Collection

Lapdog (Tsarina's Room)
Towel (Checkpoint)
Oar (Moroccan Bazaar)
Goldfish (Tsarina's Room)
Fishing Rod (Checkpoint)

Secret Agent Collection

Leather Gloves (Checkpoint)
Crumpled Paper (Business Office)
Safe (Moroccan Bazaar)
Manila Folder (Business Office)
Spyglass (Moroccan Bazaar)

Precious Jewelry Collection

Pearl (Chinese Home)
Emerald Gemstone (Silk Road)
Pocket Watch (Still Life)
Rock Crystal (Chinese Home)
Raw Gold (Silk Road)

Transportation Collection

Bicycle (Florist Shop)
Ship (Still Life)
Red Heels (Florist Shop)
Horse (Chinese Home)
Boot (Still Life)

Wild West Collection

Brown Hat (Panhandle Creek)
Bullwhip (Professor's Den)
Noose (High Stakes Poker)
Canteen (Panhandle Creek)
Tumbleweed (High Stakes Poker)

Modern Art Collection

Medusa (Professor's Den)
Modern Sculpture (Skyrise Penthouse)
Painter's Palette (Curio Shoppe)
Pollock Painting (Skyrise Penthouse)
Ape Finger Painting (Curio Shoppe)

Dinner Time Collection

Pitcher (Greek Agora)
Spilled Wine (Greek Agora)
Copper Pot (Cargo Hold)
Gold Plate (Fiorelli Dig)
Goblet (Greek Agora)

Toys and Trinkets Collection

Nesting Doll (Cargo Hold)
Finger Cymbals (Greek Agora)
Treasure Map (Swimming Pool)
Jar of Marbles (Cargo Hold)
Roller Skate (Swimming Pool)

Sailing Adventures Collection

Ship (Mummification Room)
Compass (Excavator's Tent)
Handkerchief (Flapper Party)
Pocket Knife (Curator's Office)
Sun (Excavator's Tent)

Ladies' Night Collection

Dress (Flapper Party)
Silk Gloves (Lovers' Boudoir)
Boots (Excavator's Tent)
Wig (Mummification Room)
Large Ring (Curator's Office)


Falling in Love Collection

Love Birds (Briggs Rose Garden) COMMON
Chocolates (Briggs Rose Garden) COMMON
Sketchbook (Titanic Departure) COMMON
Balloons (Titanic Departure) COMMON
Champagne Glass (Briggs Rose Garden) COMMON

Clowning Around Collection

Clown (Summertime Boardwalk) COMMON
Balloons (Summertime Boardwalk) COMMON
Bowtie (Summertime Boardwalk) RARE
Men's Hat (Midnight Train) UNCOMMON
Gift (Midnight Train) COMMON

Deep Blue Sea Collection

Octopus (Titanic Sun Deck) COMMON
Ship's Wheel (Titanic Departure) COMMON
Porthole (Grand Staircase) COMMON
Lake Monster (Cora's Confession) COMMON
Life Preserver (Long Cold Night) COMMON

Fine Living Collection

Champagne Bottle (Grand Staircase) COMMON
Hand Fan (Grand Staircase) UNCOMMON
Cake (Grand Staircase) COMMON
Fur Stole (Long Cold Night) UNCOMMON
Pipe (Long Cold Night) COMMON

Getting to Work

Hemp Rope (Broken Bridge) COMMON
Work Gloves (Broken Bridge) UNCOMMON
Hard Hat (Broken Bridge) COMMON
Pickaxe (Broken Bridge) UNCOMMON
Tractor (Broken Bridge) COMMON

Mysterious Marvels

Crystal Skull (Guardian Archive) COMMON
Stone Tablet (Guardian Archive) COMMON
Monkey Idol (Guardian Archive) COMMON
Top Secret Stamp (Guardian Archive) COMMON
Mayan Calendar (Guardian Archive) COMMON

Distinguished Scholar

Stack of Books (Guardian Chamber) COMMON
Notebook (Guardian Chamber) UNCOMMON
Spectacles (Guardian Chamber) UNCOMMON
Spindle Manuscript (Guardian Chamber) COMMON
Vest (Guardian Chamber) COMMON

Royal Living

Crown (Guardian Vault) COMMON
Sapphire (Guardian Vault) COMMON
Fan (Guardian Vault) UNCOMMON
Gold Coin (Guardian Vault) UNCOMMON
Scroll (Guardian Vault) RARE

Wine and Cheese

Wine Bottle (LaFemme's Vanity) UNCOMMON
Champagne Flutes (LaFemme's Vanity) COMMON
Cheese Platter (Italian Alley) COMMON
Grapes (Italian Alley) COMMON
Wine Glass (Italian Alley) COMMON

High Fashion

High Heels (Club Rosebud) UNCOMMON
Makeup Brush (LaFemme's Vanity) RARE
Sunglasses (Italian Alley) UNCOMMON
Lipstick (Ophidian Hideout) UNCOMMON
Mask (Villa Celimontana) RARE

Creepies and Crawlies

Gecko (Ophidian Hideout) RARE
Spider (Ophidian Hideout) UNCOMMON
Frog (Villa Celimontana) UNCOMMON
Firefly (Villa Celimontana) UNCOMMON
Lizard (Villa Celimontana) UNCOMMON

Still Got The Blues

Clarinet (Club Rosebud) UNCOMMON
Microphone (Club Rosebud) COMMON
Saxophone (Club Rosebud) COMMON
Autograph (LaFemme's Vanity) UNCOMMON
Violin Case (LaFemme's Vanity) UNCOMMON

Shadows and Sleuths

Silhouette (Italian Alley) UNCOMMON
Doorway Shadow (Italian Alley) UNCOMMON
Trenchcoat (Italian Alley) COMMON
Fedora (Ophidian Hideout) UNCOMMON
Pistol (Ophidian Hideout) COMMON

Sweet Nothings (Chapter 11: Snake In The Grass)

Poem (Southern Cemetery) RARE
Teddy Bear (Southern Cemetery) UNCOMMON
Roses (Martha's Vineyard) RARE
Heart (Southern Cemetery) UNCOMMON
Gift Box (Southern Cemetery) COMMON

Workshop (Chapter 11: Snake In The Grass)

Toolbox (Foster Home) COMMON
Clamp (Foster Home) UNCOMMON
Reading Glasses (Gray Mansion) RARE
Glass Cutter (Gray Mansion) RARE
Cable (Foster Home) RARE

Luxury Cruise (Chapter 11: Snake In The Grass)

Compass (Ophidian Yacht) RARE
Captain's Cap (Ophidian Yacht) UNCOMMON
Wine Bottle (Fisherman's Bastion) UNCOMMON
Towel (Fisherman's Bastion) COMMON
Flag (Ophidian Yacht) COMMON

Camping Gear (Chapter 11: Snake In The Grass)

Backpack (Foster Home) COMMON
Binoculars (Ophidian Yacht) UNCOMMON
Flashlight (Southern Cemetery) UNCOMMON
Waist Bag (Fisherman's Bastion) UNCOMMON
Firewood (Gray Mansion) UNCOMMON

Gadgets and Gizmos (Chapter 11: Snake In The Grass)

Calculator (Foster Home) UNCOMMON
Laptop (Ophidian Yacht) COMMON
Tablet (Martha's Vineyard) UNCOMMON
Computer (Foster Home) COMMON
Security Camera (Ophidian Yacht) UNCOMMON

Archbishop's effects (Chapter 12: Magna Carta)

Archbishop's Hat (Runnymede) COMMON
Crosier Staff (Runnymede) COMMON
Gold Ring (Runnymede) COMMON
King's Orb (Runnymede) UNCOMMON
Scepter (Runnymede) UNCOMMON

Medieval Feast (Chapter 12: Magna Carta)

Apples (De Clare's Castle) COMMON
Berries (De Clare's Castle) UNCOMMON
Cheese (Canterbury Cathedral) UNCOMMON
Grapes (Canterbury Cathedral) COMMON
Sausages (Canterbury Cathedral) COMMON

Medieval Weapons (Chapter 12: Magna Carta)

Dagger (De Clare's Castle) UNCOMMON
Torch (De Clare's Castle) COMMON
Sickle (Canterbury Cathedral) COMMON
Axe (Canterbury Cathedral) UNCOMMON
Crossbow (Canterbury Cathedral) COMMON

Secret Agent 2 (Going Solo)

Camera (Martha's Vineyard) UNCOMMON
Case (British Pub) COMMON
Map (Martha's Vineyard) COMMON
Newspaper (Manhattan Alley) COMMON
Sunglasses (British Pub) UNCOMMON

'Reel 'Em In' (ATW: Cape Town)

Basket (Water Front) UNCOMMON
Fishing Rod (Water Front) COMMON
Rowboat (Cape Point Villa) UNCOMMON
Oar (Game Reserve) UNCOMMON
Life Preserver (Cape Point Villa) UNCOMMON

Lofftur's Map (Seven Sons: Iceland)

Map (Ice Lodge) COMMON
Compass (Ice Lodge) COMMON
Protractor (Ice Lodge) COMMON
Rune Chart (Ice Lodge) UNCOMMON
Magnifying Glass (Ice Lodge) UNCOMMON

Mathematics Kit (Chapter 13: Einstein)

Pencil (Patent Office) COMMON
Patent Schematic (Patent Office) UNCOMMON
Pencil Sharpener (Patent Office) COMMON
Slide Ruler (Lake Constance) UNCOMMON
Triangle (Patent Office) RARE

Office Necessities (Chapter 13: Einstein)

Fountain Pen (Lake Constance) COMMON
Blotter (Lake Constance) UNCOMMON
Satchel (Lake Constance) COMMON
Scissors (Lake Constance) UNCOMMON
Letter Opener (Patent Office) RARE

Einstein's Personal Effects (Chapter 13: Einstein)

Eyeglasses (Ben Parlor) COMMON
Violin (Ben Parlor) UNCOMMON
Pipe (Ben Parlor) COMMON
Cufflinks (Ben Parlor) UNCOMMON
Pocket Watch (Ben Parlor) RARE

Desserts (ATW: Courchevel)

Chocolate Fondue (Ski Lodge) COMMON
Caramel Coffee (Ski Lodge) UNCOMMON
Candy Cane (Winter Fair) RARE
Snow Cone (Winter Fair) RARE
Chocolate Raisins (Ski Lodge Lobby) UNCOMMON

Eternal Love (Seven Sons: Iceland)

Harp (Viking Longhouse) COMMON
Flagon (Viking Longhouse) COMMON
Scarf (Viking Longhouse) UNCOMMON
Sweet Bread (Viking Longhouse) RARE

'Deadly Force' (ATW: Moscow)

Crossbow (Armory) RARE
Cannon (Armory) COMMON
Mortar Shell (Armory) RARE
Speargun (Cargo Dock) COMMON
Hammer (The Kremlin) COMMON

'A Taste of India' (ATW: Mumbai)

Samosas (Dhobi Ghat) COMMON
Mango (Bollywood Film Set) RARE
Curry (Taj Balcony) COMMON
Tandoori Chicken (Taj Balcony) COMMON
Tandoori Rotis (Taj Balcony) UNCOMMON

Bad Blood (Seven Sons: Jordan)

Fishing Net
Envy's Emerald

Life of Pious (ATW: Bhutan)

Bowl (Mountain Nest) COMMON
Book (Bridge Walkaway) UNCOMMON
Robe (Bridge Walkaway) RARE
Beads (Prayer Room) UNCOMMON
Incense (Prayer Room) COMMON

Authorized Ophidians Only (ATW: Ophidian Lair)

Gun (Ophidian Office) COMMON
I.D (Ophidian Lab) UNCOMMON
Hand Print (Ophidian Lab) RARE
Electric Box (Ophidian Vault) UNCOMMON
Crystal Skull (Ophidian Vault) COMMON

Captain's Essentials (Seven Sons: Sintra)

Compass (Columbus Museum) COMMON
Flintlock (Columbus Museum) RARE
Map (Grand Ship Deck) COMMON
Sundial (Grand Ship Deck) COMMON
Walking Stick (Sintra Terrace) UNCOMMON

The Last Artificer (ATW: Colombia)

Hat (Isolated Villa) COMMON
Spectacles (Sebastian's Workshop) COMMON
Medical Box (Sebastian's Workshop) RARE
Sling Bag (Haunted Hotel) COMMON
Key (Haunted Hotel) UNCOMMON 

Issues, Issues (Geoffrey's Order: Roxalena)

Syringe (Doc's Underground Lab) COMMON
Bottle of Pills (Doc's Underground Lab) COMMON

First Aid! (Geoffrey's Order: Roxalena)

Bandaging Tape (Doc's Underground Lab) UNCOMMON
Medical Box (Doc's Underground Lab) COMMON

Tribal Weapons (Seven Sons: Jungle)

Arrows (Cave) COMMON
Blowgun (Arrow Workshop) RARE
Axe (Cave) COMMON
Dagger (Arrow Workshop) COMMON
Knife (Rainforest Temple) UNCOMMON

Later, Gators! (ATW: Louisiana)

Phone (Abandoned Gas Station) COMMON
Pocket Watch (Country Bar) COMMON
Mirror (Country Bar) RARE
Harmonica (Swamp Shack) COMMON
Alligator (Swamp Shack) UNCOMMON 

Ethnic Elements (ATW: Jaipur)

Cloth Bag (Jaigarh Fort) COMMON
Bangles (Jal Mahal) UNCOMMON 
Tusk (Jal Mahal) RARE
Dagger (Temple Interior) UNCOMMON
Hanging Lamp (Temple Interior) COMMON

Old-Fashioned Gentleman (Seven Sons: Malta)

Goggles (Giovanni's Home) COMMON
Lighter (Front Porch) RARE
Scarf (Giovanni's Home) COMMON
Wine Glass (Front Porch) COMMON
Belt (Room of the Last Templar) UNCOMMON

Witch Hunt (Geoffrey's Order: Scent of Decay)

Hat (St. Guildas Guildhouse) COMMON
Skull (St. Guildas Guildhouse) UNCOMMON
Mushrooms (St. Guildas Guildhouse) RARE

Light,Camera,Action (ATW: New York)

Film Reel (Trevi Fountain) COMMON
Film Camera (Silver Factory) COMMON 
Rorschach Blot (Silver Factory) UNCOMMON
Makeup Box (Villa In Ibiza) RARE
Headphones (Villa In Ibiza) COMMON

Spice Up! (Geoffrey's Order: The Distress of Spices)

Herbs (Spice Shop) COMMON
Book (Spice Shop) UNCOMMON
Turban (Spice Shop) RARE

Tango Time (Seven Sons: Argentina)

Hairbrush (Tango Backstage) COMMON
Hand Fan (Tango Backstage) RARE
Pitcher (Tango Show) COMMON
Bowtie (Tango Show) COMMON
Dress (Abasto Shop) UNCOMMON

Marine Life! (ATW: Dogon)

Binoculars (Village Houses) COMMON
Lighthouse (Niger River View) COMMON
Canoe (Niger River View) UNCOMMON
Blue Cross (Chapel Interior) RARE
Pocket Knife (Chapel Interior) COMMON

Musical Note (Geoffrey's Order: Michael's Mystery)

Horn (Spice Shop) UNCOMMON
Cello (Spice Shop) RARE
Accordion (Spice Shop) COMMON

Amsterdam's Essential (ATW: Amsterdam)

Drip Bag (Abandoned Clinic) COMMON
Gun Holster (Canal) UNCOMMON
Fragile (Canal) COMMON
Protection (Red Light District) RARE
Whip (Red Light District) COMMON

Infant Ideas (Geoffrey's Order: Tuzla)

Rag Doll (Abandoned Room) COMMON
Crayons (Abandoned Room) UNCOMMON
Pacifier (Abandoned Room) RARE

Chinese Heritage (Seven Sons: China)

Mahjong Tiles (Shaolin Temple) COMMON
Jade Bracelet (Beijing Alley) COMMON
Dragon (Beijing Alley) COMMON
Medallion (Chinese Library) UNCOMMON
Pipe (Chinese Library) RARE

Graffitti (Geoffrey's Order: Berlin Wall)

Berlin (Berlin Square) COMMON
Beat (Berlin Square) UNCOMMON
89 (Berlin Square) RARE

Escape Plan (ATW: Cuba)

Audio Jack (Avant Garde) COMMON
Coordinates (HAM radio Studio) UNCOMMON
Licence Plate (Havana) RARE
Morse Telegraph (HAM radio Studio) COMMON
Earphone (Havana) COMMON

Ukraine's Special (ATW: Ukraine)

Snow Shoe (Old Boat) COMMON
Monocular (Uzghorod) UNCOMMON
Shoes (Uzghorod) COMMON
Watch (Yaltza) RARE
Fins (Yaltza) COMMON

Wavin Flag (Geoffrey's Order: Morgex Wine)

Italian Flag (Two Way Creek) COMMON
French Flag (Two Way Creek) UNCOMMON
EU Flag (Two Way Creek) RARE

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