Unravel the Mystery Across the Bridge

My grandfather's abandoned town is filled with ghosts of the past. Unravel the mystery behind "Farmerville" on the other side of the bridge.

1st Plot (Duck Pond)

Rewards: Farmerville Sign (51), Duck Pond (152), Weeds (x3), Pine (x2), Linden Tree     

Note: Click on your Store tool and once you have opened the plot of land...you'll see a small bunch of weeds...looks almost like a small tumbleweed beside the pond on your land. Click that and store it for progress.

2nd Plot (School Bus)

Rewards: School Bus (189), Redwood, Red Wildflowers, Wilderness Path    

3rd Plot (Farmer's House)

4th Plot (Old Tractor)

5th Plot (Caboose)

6th Plot (Furniture)

7th Plot (Boarding House)

8th Plot (Victory Statue)

9th Plot (Chapel)

10th Plot (Cemetery)

11th Plot (Rusty Truck)

12th Plot (Peace Garden)