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Coin Fountain Change

Posted by TOKO on Tuesday, May 1, 2012, In : Updates 

Zynga added few changes today. We can now sell the Coin Fountain.
The requirements of Energy is now same for all users
(-2 per Wish).

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Coin Fountain

Posted by TOKO on Friday, April 27, 2012, In : Buildings 
UPDATE: Today we were able to place a second Coin Fountain. You can't sell this building so if you don't want the second one ignore the request to place it.

Zynga wants to know what you think about the fountain. Leave your feedback HERE.

Ever see a fountain that gives you coins? This one does!
With this fountain of fortune, you have a chance to win up to one million coins!

-1 = 51-99-175-271-476-1563 , 1
There are different requirements of Energy on every account (-1/-2/-3 per Wish).

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