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Search For The Seven Sons: Malta, Rosa pt 3

Posted by TOKO on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 Under: 7 Sons

The Seven Sons refers to seven powerful artifacts with the power to manipulate emotions. The fifth artifact is the Compass Rose.


Episode 5: Malta (The Compass Rose)

A - Rosa (part three)

Fort St Elmo

Estate size: 6x7

B - Beach Party

Beach Bar

Estate size: 4x4

C - House of Wood

Wooden House

Estate size: 4x5

Marketplace items:


New Collection sets:

Old-Fashioned Gentleman

Goggles (Giovanni's Home) COMMON
Lighter (Front Porch) RARE
Scarf (Giovanni's Home) COMMON
Wine Glass (Front Porch) COMMON
Belt (Room of the Last Templar) UNCOMMON

In : 7 Sons 

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