The Seven Sons refers to seven powerful artifacts with the power to manipulate emotions. The second artifact is the Envy's Emerald.

Episode 2: Jordan (Envy's Emerald)

A - Envy's Emerald (Part Two)

Wharf Portrait Puzzle

Set 1 (20 puzzle pieces)
Set 2 (12 puzzle pieces)
Set 3 (5 puzzle pieces)
Set 4 (9 puzzle pieces)
Set 5 (10 puzzle pieces)

Collect puzzle pieces through special quests, asking friends, or playing your favorite scenes.

The Wharf (10)

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Dig Site

Estate size: 4x4

Solar Power Station

Estate size: 3x3

B - Basic Needs Quest

Fortified Granary

Estate size: 4x4

Wash House

Estate size: 2x1

New Collection set

Bad Blood

Marketplace items: