The Seven Sons refers to seven powerful artifacts with the power to manipulate emotions. The first artifact is Lofftur's Harp. It is hidden in a remote, abandoned estate in Iceland. Lofftur's Harp contain the essense of pure, eternal love.

Complete the final Shrine, then plunge into the Ice Grotto and find Lofftur's mysterious Harp.

Episode 1:
Iceland (Love Never Dies)

A - Love Never Dies Quest (Part Two)

Spirit Shrine

Sleigh Horse

Circle of Power

Ice Grotto Entrance (10)

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Viking Longhouse (10)

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B - Stone Cold

Stone Hut

Icelandic House

New Collection set

Eternal Love

Harp (Viking Longhouse) COMMON
Flagon (Viking Longhouse) COMMON
Scarf (Viking Longhouse) UNCOMMON
Sweet Bread (Viking Longhouse) RARE

Marketplace items: