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Search For The Seven Sons: China, Peace of Porcelain pt 1

Posted by TOKO on Friday, June 14, 2013 Under: 7 Sons

The Seven Sons refers to seven powerful artifacts with the power to manipulate emotions. The last artifact is the Porcelain Vase.


Episode 7: China (Peace of Porcelain)

A - Peace of Porcelain (part one)

Chinese Library (10)

Click HERE to find the Object Map.

Shaolin Monastery

Estate size: 4x4

B - Onions and Dragons

Dragon Float

Estate size: 1x3

C - Warriors and Pagodas

Tianning Pagoda

Estate size: 4x4

D - Cathedral Cause

Wangfujing Cathedral

Estate size: 6x3

Marketplace items:

In : 7 Sons 

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