1. What is “Search for the Seven Sons”?

Search for the Seven Sons is an exciting new feature in Hidden Chronicles. With this feature, you get:

A new estate to decorate
New items to decorate it with
An exciting new storyline with lots of quests and scenes to play

2. Will all players be able to play Search for The Seven Sons?

All players above level 20 will be able to play the new feature.

3. What’s new with Search for The Seven Sons? What remains the same?

Here’s what’s new :

a) You get a new estate.
b) You’ll see a new ‘Estate Selector’ button that helps you navigate between new estates. You’ll see this button near your ‘inventory’ button on the main toolbar.

Click on the 7 Sons iconon your toolbar to get access to the brand new Manor with new Estate!

c) You’ll see a new ‘estates’ tab in the marketplace, which will show you all the new items available with your new estate. Of course, all your regular marketplace tabs will work just the same.

d) Similarly, you’ll see an ‘estates’ tab on your inventory screen that shows all the items you’ve purchased for the new estate. Again, all your regular inventory tabs will work just the same way you’re used to.

e) You’ll see a new ‘estates’ tab on the scene selector that lets you play all the scenes from Search for the Seven Sons.

f) When visiting neighbors, you will see a similar ‘estates selector’ button on your neighbor’s estate. You can use this to visit all your neighbor’s new estates, in much the same way you do for your own estates.

g) You’ll see some new quests for Search for The Seven Sons in a cool new icon style!

Here’s what stays the same:

a) Your present estate stays the same.
b) All quests continue to work the same. Around The World quests and all other quests will still be visible and playable, whether you’re on your present estate or the new estate.
c) All your scene play progress, scores and trophies remain the same.
d) All estate points you accumulate in the old and new estate go towards your estate point total.

4. A new estate ? How does this work ? Will this replace my old estate?

No. Your present estate stays just as it is – we’re giving you a whole new estate in addition to your current one. And there will be more in the future!

5. How do I travel to my new estate?

First, click on the new ‘Estate Selector’ button. You will find this on the main toolbar, near the inventory button. (If you don’t see this button, and you are above level 20, try refreshing your browser)

Clicking this will bring up the Estate Selector screen, which looks like this:

Click on the estate you wish to travel to, and – Voila! – you’ll be transported to your new estate! (Initially, only Iceland will be available. Soon, you will get more estates).

6. How do I go back to Ramsey Manor?

When you are on a new estate, you can return to Ramsey Manor using the Estate Selector. First, click on the ‘Estate Selector’ button.
On the Estate Selector screen, click the ‘Return to Ramsey Manor’ button to return to your home estate.

7. How do I begin playing through “Search for the Seven Sons”?

When you log in to Hidden Chronicles, you will see a pop-up introducing you to Search for the Seven Sons. Click on the ‘PLAY NOW’ button to begin playing the feature. [Note : Some players are experiencing some delays or freezes when they click on this button. We recommend waiting a while – the feature can take a couple of minutes to load the first time you play it, especially on slower connections.]

8. There’s a new Manor to go with my new estate! How does this work?

Your new manor works similarly to the manor on your original estate – you can click it to bring up your scene selector screen and choose to play scenes. You can also move it to another spot on the estate.

9. Can my neighbors view my new estates?

Yes, they can! Neighbors will land on the estate that you were on during your last game play, by default. However clicking on the ‘Estate Selector’ icon will let your neighbors choose which estate of yours they would like to visit.