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Search For The Master Chronicle: Part 1, Geoffrey's Hidden Room

Posted by TOKO on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 Under: Events

Solve the puzzle of the hidden Safe Room and seek out Geoffrey's greatest secret... wherever it may take you.
Unlock this new scene by completing the puzzle!

Part 1

Geoffrey's Hidden Room

Set 1 (24 puzzle pieces)
Set 2 (5 puzzle pieces)
Set 3 (11 puzzle pieces)
Set 4 (5 puzzle pieces)
Set 5 (11 puzzle pieces)

Collect puzzle pieces through special quests, asking friends, or playing your favorite scenes.

Geoffrey's Safe Room / Secret Chamber Quest

Cozy Fire Pit

Guardian Gazebo

Geoffrey's Secret Chamber Scene

You can find the Geoffrey's Secret Chamber Scene on the Grounds scenes.

Victorious Lion

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Tags: puzzle building quests masterchronicle 
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