On October 26th, 2012 Zynga released another in-game cross-promotion in Hidden Chronicles telling the player they will receive the Giant Ruby Statue reward if they go through part 1-4 Spunky Spelunkers Quest in Ruby Blast game. You need to be at least Level 5 to be able to get this feature. You will have 14 days to collect all Stars.

Collect 3 Stars from each chapter!

Ruby Statue

Ruby Blast is a fast action twist on a match-three game,a where you can use multiple power ups and help from neighbors to dig for large rubies and other magical gems. Click on groups of three or more magic gems to earn points. The faster you click, the deeper you dig and the more bonuses you unearth.

How to Play Ruby Blast
The object of the game is to dig for money and gems as fast as possible to beat the scores of your neighbors, and land in one of the top three positions on the leaderboard, which also shows the scores of your Facebook neighbors playing the game.
You will at first be asked to choose a power-up to use during your session.
You can use up to three power- ups, each of which cost money. You will see the power-ups unlock once you reach certain levels.

Some power-ups will require a payment in gold, some in emeralds, the final power up in sapphires - which you can acquire while digging.

You are given a minimum of 40 seconds on the clock with the opportunity to earn time bonuses as you play. The timer is located along the top left of the screen.

You are taken to a board filled with gems and you must click on any grouping of three or more. If you click on anything less than three you will hear a tone telling you the click failed.

You must try to click on as many groups of three or more as possible, with the larger the group helping to better your score. The goal is not to foul up by clicking on any groups of two, as this will mess up your chaining bonus.

Each time you click on a large group of colored gems they will disappear and more will fall in from the top.

As you clear more gems, you will find you are digging down into the mine, and you will be rewarded at certain checkpoints with time bonuses which can add 10 to 20 seconds on to the clock at various intervals.

At the bottom of the game screen (the dirt level), you will see the bonuses you can earn and obstacles you can run into by digging and releasing them.