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miniQuest: Coin Case

November 18, 2013


miniQuest: Midnight Guests

November 15, 2013

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miniQuest: Football Fever

November 8, 2013

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HC Is Still Alive

November 8, 2013
60 days without updates and today finally new content is rolling out!!!

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Geoffreys Order: Morgex Wine

September 2, 2013

Geoffrey's Order Chapter 7: Morgex Wine

3 Keys sit on 3 metal plates to unlock the chest. Complete the quest to find the keys and secure the object of power contained within.

Look around for Morgex Wine, investigate further into the case of Geoffrey's Order and find the First Key.

A - Morgex Wine I

1.1 Morgex Quest

Two Way Creek (10)

Click HERE to find the Object Map.

1.2 Morgex Quest

Tour de Lepreux


Estate Size: 4x3

1.3 Morgex Quest

1.4 Morgex Quest

Key 1

Learn more about Morgex Wine, find...

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Luis Garrido Puzzle

August 29, 2013

Place the Luis Garrido to unlock a new Puzzle!

Set 1 (20 puzzle pieces) POST
Set 2 (12 puzzle pieces) ASK
Set 3 (5 puzzle pieces) POST
Set 4 (9 puzzle pieces) POST
Set 5 (10 puzzle pieces) ASK

Collect puzzle pieces through special quests, asking friends, or playing your favorite scenes.

Luis Garrido (10)

Click HERE to find the Object Map.
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Around The World: Global Mission - Ukraine

August 23, 2013

The End is here.


Note: Fill up your progress bar at the top of the Around the World-Ukraine page. Once that is filled, you get the reward.

You can earn 13from the Ukraine missions.

A - Ukraine I

Part 1:Quest 1 - 1
Part 1:Quest 2 - 1
Part 1:Quest 3 - 2
Total 4 for completion of Part 1.

1.1 Ukraine Quest

Old Boat (10)

Click HERE to find the Object Map.

1.2 Ukraine Quest

1.3 Ukraine Quest


Uzghorod (10)

Click HERE to find the Object Map.

B - Ukraine II

Part 2:Quest 1 - 1
Part 2:Quest...

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Hidden Shadows Cross-Promotion

August 22, 2013

rewards: Trevi Fountain, 150, 10

Hidden Shadows WALKTHROUGH

1. Play Hidden Shadows

2. Unlock 5 scenes in the Jilted Judge case

3. Solve the Jilted Judge case

Jilted Judge case

4. Unlock 4 scenes in the Barking Dog case

Barking Dog case

Trevi Fountain

Hidden Shadows scenes

Play other Zynga games to earn more rewards.

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Sintra Estate Expand

August 21, 2013

Ready for a bigger Sintra?
Now get more space to decorate by expanding your Estate!

Finish these quests to increase the area on your Sintra Estate, get 140 energy and great reward!

Pool Retreat Quest

Pool Retreat

Estate size: 5x4

Skyliner Quest


Estate size: 3x3

Graffiti Quest

Graffiti Building

Estate size: 4x4

Pena Palace Quest

Pena Palace

Estate size: 4x5


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LE Casa Batllo Facade

August 21, 2013
Casa Battlo Facade

1 750

The Casa Battlo Facade is a free gift from Zynga given to the player when logged on to the game during a limited time.

Estate Size: 5x5

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