New Collection sets: Snake In The Grass Chapter

Sweet Nothings

Poem (Southern Cemetery) RARE
Teddy Bear (Southern Cemetery) UNCOMMON
Roses (Martha's Vineyard) RARE
Heart (Southern Cemetery) UNCOMMON
Gift Box (Southern Cemetery) COMMON


Toolbox (Foster Home) COMMON
Clamp (Foster Home) UNCOMMON
Reading Glasses (Gray Mansion) RARE
Glass Cutter (Gray Mansion) RARE
Cable (Foster Home) RARE

Luxury Cruise

Compass (Ophidian Yacht) RARE
Captain's Cap (Ophidian Yacht) UNCOMMON
Wine Bottle (Fisherman's Bastion) UNCOMMON
Towel (Fisherman's Bastion) COMMON
Flag (Ophidian Yacht) COMMON

Camping Gear

Backpack (Foster Home) COMMON
Binoculars (Ophidian Yacht) UNCOMMON
Flashlight (Southern Cemetery) UNCOMMON
Waist Bag (Fisherman's Bastion) UNCOMMON
Firewood (Gray Mansion) UNCOMMON

Gadgets and Gizmos

Calculator (Foster Home) UNCOMMON
Laptop (Ophidian Yacht) COMMON
Tablet (Martha's Vineyard) UNCOMMON
Computer (Foster Home) COMMON
Security Camera (Ophidian Yacht) UNCOMMON