New Collection sets: Carrying A Torch Chapter

Wine and Cheese

Wine Bottle (LaFemme's Vanity) UNCOMMON
Champagne Flutes (LaFemme's Vanity) COMMON
Cheese Platter (Italian Alley) COMMON
Grapes (Italian Alley) COMMON
Wine Glass (Italian Alley) COMMON

High Fashion

High Heels (Club Rosebud) UNCOMMON
Makeup Brush (LaFemme's Vanity) RARE
Sunglasses (Italian Alley) UNCOMMON
Lipstick (Ophidian Hideout) UNCOMMON
Mask (Villa Celimontana) RARE

Creepies and Crawlies

Gecko (Ophidian Hideout) RARE
Spider (Ophidian Hideout) UNCOMMON
Frog (Villa Celimontana) UNCOMMON
Firefly (Villa Celimontana) UNCOMMON
Lizard (Villa Celimontana) UNCOMMON

Still Got The Blues

Clarinet (Club Rosebud) UNCOMMON
Microphone (Club Rosebud) COMMON
Saxophone (Club Rosebud) COMMON
Autograph (LaFemme's Vanity) UNCOMMON
Violin Case (LaFemme's Vanity) UNCOMMON

Shadows and Sleuths

Silhouette (Italian Alley) UNCOMMON
Doorway Shadow (Italian Alley) UNCOMMON
Trenchcoat (Italian Alley) COMMON
Fedora (Ophidian Hideout) UNCOMMON
Pistol (Ophidian Hideout) COMMON