New Collection sets: Broken Bridge Event

Getting to Work

Hemp Rope (Broken Bridge) COMMON
Work Gloves (Broken Bridge) UNCOMMON
Hard Hat (Broken Bridge) COMMON
Pickaxe (Broken Bridge) UNCOMMON
Tractor (Broken Bridge) COMMON

Mysterious Marvels

Crystal Skull (Guardian Archive) COMMON
Stone Tablet (Guardian Archive) COMMON
Monkey Idol (Guardian Archive) COMMON
Top Secret Stamp (Guardian Archive) COMMON
Mayan Calendar (Guardian Archive) COMMON

Distinguished Scholar

Stack of Books (Guardian Chamber) COMMON
Notebook (Guardian Chamber) UNCOMMON
Spectacles (Guardian Chamber) UNCOMMON
Spindle Manuscript (Guardian Chamber) COMMON
Vest (Guardian Chamber) COMMON

Royal Living

Crown (Guardian Vault) COMMON
Sapphire (Guardian Vault) COMMON
Fan (Guardian Vault) UNCOMMON
Gold Coin (Guardian Vault) UNCOMMON
Scroll (Guardian Vault) RARE