HCH official blog is starting today!
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First up - a big thank you for playing Hidden Chronicles. It's thanks to you guys that HC remains the No.1 Hidden Object game on Facebook, over a year after we launched.

There are exciting things happening in the game - and here's where we'll be sharing sneak peeks and previews of all the cool new stuff that you'll see in Hidden Chronicles in the coming weeks.

Oh - but excuse me. We're getting ahead of ourselves. First things first.

Welcome to the Hidden Chronicles official blog. 

We thought it would be cool to have an ongoing conversation with you, our players, as we continue to build our game. It would be like having you along for the ride as we brainstorm, discuss ideas, sketch concepts, argue, prototype and do all the other things game teams do. You'll get a peek behind the scenes into how Hidden Chronicles is built, early previews of upcoming features, and a chance to chat with the many talented people on the team. We'll get a chance to interact with you guys and get to hear what you think about features as we're building them. We think that this will eventually lead to a better game - one that's more fun for you to play and more fun for us to build.

So what can you expect ? Here’s just some of it.

- One reveal of a major new feature with an epic storyline.

- A chat with one of our game designers who is something of a celebrity in the worlds of games, comics and animation.

- Concept art, back story, lore and lots of cool stuff that expands the universe of Hidden Chronicles.

- Developer diaries and behind-the-scenes looks at the development of upcoming features.

We're excited about this, and we hope you are. Let us know what you think. Find the comments section and give us a shout.


The Hidden Chronicles Team.