Explore some of the Master Chronicle's forgotten chapters.
Earn points from these scenes to extend your Guardian Expedition!


1. How does Guardian Expedition work?
The Guardian Expedition is a great new way for you to do what you love - play more scenes on Hidden Chronicles! Earn points to unlock new scenes and earn rewards along the way! Get started now by clicking on the pop up as you log in to the game or click on the right HUD icon on your game screen to begin play!

2. Will I earn trophies for playing these scenes?
There are no trophies associated with the scenes in Guardian Expedition. This is how the Feature is designed so if you don't see yourself earning trophies as you complete scenes, don't worry! Play and earn points to gain rewards!

3. What if I play the same scene over and over - will that still contribute to my score?
Yes, you can play the same scene as many times as you like. Each scene will earn you points and those points will be added to your overall score.

SET 1: Target score: 1 300 000

Nursery Rainbow (10)  

Reno Casino (10)

Colonial Hong Kong (9)

Drive-in Theatre

Unlock The Next Scene Set 2

On the Guardian Expedition Map...once you have played the first set and obtained the 1,300,000 points and have the green checkmark....click the next set of scenes...you will have to click on the "lock" icon, you'll get this pop up, and ask for the following items to unlock the next set of scenes.

SET 2: Target score: 1 500 000

Geisha Teahouse (10)
Emperor's Chambers (8)
Seance Parlor (10)

Luxury Car

Unlock The Next Scene Set 3

SET 3: Target score: 2 000 000

Candy Shop (8)

Fairytale Nap Time (8)

Frost's Cottage (10)