Brand New Scene!
And new gameplay! Play this scene and achieve higher scores before your friends do!
A new scene to unlock! Stage Coach.

The Guardian Challenge is a feature within the Answer the Guardian Challenge quest to unlock a new scene called the Stage Coach.
It comes with a new FastFind Scene and also lets you unlock the new Guardian Challenge feature for some of the older FastFind scenes.

You start playing the Guardian Challenge by clicking on the "Guardian Challenge" button in your neighbors bar at the bottom of the screen.

You then have a choice of unlocking a scene or playing one that you've previously unlocked. Once you have completed the 60 second game it offers you the opportunity to post your high score to your wall to encourage your friends to challenge you.
The difference between the Guardian Challenge and the FastFind is just the ability to chose which scene to play and give the opportunity for any of all your friends to beat your best score.

Answer the Guardian Challenge Quest

Stage Coach

Stage Coach Scene requests

Tut's Tomb

Tut's Tomb Scene requests

Living Room

Living Room Scene requests

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