The Geoffrey's Order is a brand new feature in HC.

Geoffrey's Order Chapter 1: Roxalena

Look around in Doc's Underground Lab, investigate further into the case of Geoffrey's Order and find the First Key.

A - Roxalena I

1.1 Roxalena Quest

Doc's Underground Lab (10)

Click HERE to find the Object Map.

1.2 Roxalena Quest

1.3 Roxalena Quest

1.4 Roxalena Quest

First Key

Learn more about Roxalena, find the pieces of the Second Key in Doc's Underground Lab and assemble them.

B - Roxalena II

2.1 Roxalena Quest

Sultan's Throne

Estate size: 3x1

2.2 Roxalena Quest

2.3 Roxalena Quest

2.4 Roxalena Quest

Second Key

Note: For Part 2 quest 4 of 4 you need to play the MINI game at the end of the scene to complete the 2nd key quest!

Doc's Underground Lab Jigsaw

Decode the Doc's letter, find the Third Key in Doc's Underground Lab and open the Chest to put the final pieces of the Roxalena chapter in place.

C - Roxalena III

3.1 Roxalena Quest

3.2 Roxalena Quest

3.3 Roxalena Quest

Clock Tower Portal

Estate size: 2x1

3.4 Roxalena Quest

Chest Key 3

Ruins at Usak

Clock Room (10)

Click HERE to find the Object Map.

New Collection sets:

Issues, Issues

Syringe (Doc's Underground Lab) COMMON
Bottle of Pills (Doc's Underground Lab) COMMON

First Aid

Bandaging Tape (Doc's Underground Lab) UNCOMMON
Medical Box (Doc's Underground Lab) COMMON