Boosts are now available in FastFind Challenges! Best your friend's scores with powerful boosts that give you an edge during Challenges.

Boosts are an optional way to help you get better scores on FastFind games! You can augment different aspects of FastFind play depending on which boosts you choose. There are TWO ways to boost your play – by selecting boosts before you start or by activating a boost during the game.

When you load into a FastFind scene, you will be prompted to choose up to two boosts in a menu that displays before you start

1. Choose a boost by clicking on the Select button, and you can select two of the same boost.
2. You can also remove a boost by clicking the X button next to one that you have already selected
3. Boosts that you select from this screen will automatically trigger in the game.

You can select the following Boosts before playing a FastFind game:

Slow-Mo Combos

Slows the rate at which your combo meter runs out. Once selected this will activate automatically, you don't need to activate it in game.

Colossal Combos

Increases your Max combo multiplier by 1x. (Instead of 8x you can get to 9x) This is also automatically activated when selected.

Time Freeze

Freezes the countdown timer for 5 seconds!

There are other boosts that you can click to activate while playing. In addition to the above, you can select the following boosts from within the scene:

Time Freeze

Freezes the countdown timer for 5 seconds! If you don’t preselect this you can use it once, but it will not automatically trigger unless you selected it before starting.

Clue Hint

Just like in Single Player, find a random clue from your list.

Clue Swap (Shuffle)

Can’t find anything on your list? Get 6 new clues!

There are boosts you can select up front and a few different boosts you can activate while playing.
Selected boosts will automatically be active in the scene
You CAN select two of the same boost.
You do not need to select any boosts to start a FastFind
With each new FastFind game, you will be able to select the boosts that you want.