On September 27th, 2012 Zynga released another in-game cross-promotion in Hidden Chronicles telling the player they will receive a scene reward if they go through part 1-4 Farm Fresh Goodness Quest in FarmVille 2 game. You need to be at least Level 5 to be able to get this feature. You will have 14 days to pass level 20.

Farmers' Market (3)

Farmers' Market scene is a FastFind scene so it will not earn you Trophies.
To start a new FastFind game you have to visit your Neighbor and click on the stopwatch in the upper left corner. You will be given a choice of playing the new Farmers' Market scene.

The objectives are to get to Levels 3, 10, 15 and 20 to get the Farmers' Market scene.

Experience is what you need to get to the next level. We need to get to Level 20 and that will take a total of 81,400 experience.

Getting experience is easy. Just about everything you do pays out. Follow the quests or just keep planting, watering, fertilizing and harvesting your crops. This game really is social because you will get more experience for helping your neighbors and even more when they help you. Getting to Level 20 fast involves a help and be helped strategy.
You will gain a total of 6 experience points for every neighbor you help. You will get even more when they return the favor and help you. You can only visit each neighbor once every 18 hours.
The rewards for helping your neighbors doesn’t stop there. When they return the favor, you will see them standing around your farm. Click on them and then click the “Accept” button. They will perform tasks for you and you will get more experience.
Another useful bit of information in this game is that when you level, all of your timers reset. What this means is that any growing will automatically complete upon a level up. You can utilize this fact strategically by planting things that take a long time to grow right before you level up. This will not apply to planted crops that haven’t been watered. To make the most of this and get a good experience bump into the next level, ensure that all of your plots have the highest paying experience item planted.
Thanks to Mafia Wars Loot Lady for the tips.

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