Complete the rows and columns of Collection items on your Bingo Ticket and earn fantastic rewards! You may also use the wildcards to substitute the items!

1. You can play the scenes to get the items, in which case, you use energy.

2. You can use the Wildcards (click on the use button) to get the items.

3. You can get more Wildcards by posting for help or you can buy 1 Wildcard for 3.

4. Once you complete the quest, the quest icon disappears, but you can still access the Bingo page from the icon on the right side of the page.
5. Complete all 3 rows/columns (collections) to get the rewards.


Tinsnips (Cremona Workshop)
Telescope (Cremona Workshop)
Mirror (Cremona Workshop)

Horn (Central Park)
Paper Boat (Central Park)
Football (Central Park)

Arrow (Manhattan Alley)
Smoking Pipe (Manhattan Alley)
Spring (Manhattan Alley)