Get those rides up and running! Build your very own magical Amusement Park and thrill guests with new attractions. Are you ready to ride?

reward: Ferris Wheel

 You need to be at least Level 5 to be able to get this feature. You will have 11 days to pass level 15.

NOTE: Play 3 instead of 2 FastFind games!

Ferris Wheel

It's fairly easy to level and doesn't require much experience. There are a few tricks you can apply and get there in a few sessions. If you want to get a head start, the walkthrough for this game is posted below.

If you want to get familiar with the game before starting it, there are several guides posted on the CoasterVille Customer Support site [1].

CoasterVille is everything you would expect from a newly released Zynga game. It’s similar to games written by other developers, it involves building and upgrading things which require begging for items and then more begging to staff what you finally are able to build. Inviting friends is also a key element. To complete the cross game promotion, you only need to get to Level 15. In order to get from one level to the next, you need experience. The good news about CoasterVille is not much experience is required to gain levels.

To track your progress, hover you mouse over the experience bar and it will tell you how much experience you need to get to the next level.

The easiest way to complete this promotion is to just click on things until your energy is depleted. I didn’t do much building or upgrading because I don’t enjoy the begging component to these types of games. Go to the store and set up a few attractions and business. Once you do that, just click on them repeatedly until you get to Level 15. There really isn’t much need to play this game unless you enjoy doing so.

For any attractions you have added, click on them and then select the "Boost" button. You will get experience every time you do and there don’t appear to be any timers on how often you can do it.

For any businesses you have added, it’s the same thing. Click on them and select the “Search” button.

There are plenty of other ways to gain experience but I found the two above the easiest. You can always follow the quests located on the left column of the game or upgrade your attractions but all this is really unnecessary if all you care about is getting to Level 15.

Big thanks to Jennifer Patterson aka Loot Lady from the mafiawarslootlady blog. All images, tips and tricks belong to her blog.

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