You will need to complete 54 levels of Bubble Safari to pass the Bubble Safari Quest.

I am posting here a great Bubble Safari walkthrough with the permission of my friend Jennifer Patterson aka Loot Lady from the mafiawarslootlady blog. All images, tips and tricks belong to her blog.

It’s not easy and I’m no expert but I put together some of the things I learned while I was playing this game. Like most Zynga games, Bubble Safari is fun at first but then you are forced to wait or pay to continue. You also need to invite and annoy your friends. A unique feature of this game is you will get enough energy to play the next level if you complete the level prior to it on the first try. Essentially you can play non stop if you know what you are doing. If you want to practice or acquire more coins, you can always repeat the easier levels. It costs +3 energy to play each game and you get +3 energy when you successfully complete one.

Bubble Safari is nothing original. I used to play a game called Phlinx on Pogo and it’s the same premise but different theme. Phlinx is actually a better game because the theme is cooler, they don’t hound you with money spending offers or ask you to bug your friend. Most importantly there aren't ridiculous obstacles in the way requiring you to do the later.

By now, most of us have had our first Bubble Safari experience. It’s fun and seems easy…that is until you start advancing. We usually mindlessly click on these cross promotion games because we can. The objectives have never been a challenge but getting to Level 54 is going to require some know how. This guide was created by Dead Jessie and is informative, easy to follow and most excellent!

This is a guide to help teach you the basic gameplay of Zynga's newest game: Bubble Safari.

*NOTE* Each level played requires energy. Replenish your energy by either reaching 1 star rank or higher on a level; removing obstacles on the map; waiting a set amount of time; or purchasing it.


Use your Mouse to aim and fire the Shooter. *NOTE* Bounce your shots off the wall to reach trickier placed bubbles.
Match THREE or more of the same color to POP. *NOTE* Pop larger groups and earn bonus points.
Pop TEN Bubbles in the Top Row to clear the Level.

Press the spacebar to swap your bubbles.

You'll need to earn at least 1 star to advance to the next level. You earn points by popping bubbles. Earn a 3-star rating and you'll receive a coin bonus.

Earn bonus points by dropping fruit into the baskets.

Drop fruit by breaking the connection between colors. *NOTE* I shot a purple bubble at the group of purple bubbles that the group of pink bubbles are connected to, causing the grouping to drop.

Earn more points by acquiring hummingbirds to guide the dropped fruit into the baskets.

Pop Bubbles to attract Hummingbirds! They help you score more points.
Keep POPPING Bubbles to make your Hummingbirds more powerful.
If you miss a shot the Hummingbirds fly away.

Drop fruit 3 consecutive times and catch fire. When "on fire" you receive 3 explosive bubbles that will destroy almost everything they hit.

Earning points also helps fill the bonus bubble reel. When the reel is full, click "spin" and you'll earn a bonus bubble to either use now or save for later. If you don't like the bubble you've received you can pay cash to respin. *NOTE* Bonus bubbles are a great way to catch fire as they have special attributes that can help you get a third consecutive fruit drop.

The bonus bubbles I've received are:

Rainbow - this will become the color of whichever bubble it hits.
Paint - this will paint the surrounding bubbles the same color as the one it hits.
Coconut - this is a strong bubble that will knock out a few bubbles around the one it hits.
Steel - this is a stronger version of coconut
Sticky Bomb - this will stick to whichever bubble it hits and explode after your third turn - knocking out a few extra bubbles in the area.
Electric - this fires a beam of electricity and destroys all the bubbles in its path.

Along with bonus bubbles there are power ups that can be purchased in the power up store. *NOTE* You'll need to advance in levels to unlock the power ups. They last for three levels.

The power ups are

Undo - this will undo 1 move per level.
+2 Friends - this will give you two extra neighbor slots per level (neighbor slots allow you to swap bubbles with each other)
Level Peak - this allows you to scroll to the top of the level and see everything.
+6 Extra - this gives you 6 extra bubbles.
Starting Birds - this allows you to start the level with 3 hummingbirds.
Extended Aim - this extends your bubble's shooter line to help with tough shots.
Extra Fire - this gives you 1 fire bubble per level to use whenever you want.
Beehive - this will block 3 bee attacks.
Spawner - this will send a hummingbird to temporarily disable spawners.
Poacher Traps - this will temporarily disable poacher traps.

As you progress through the levels you'll start to encounter in-game hazards - most can either be blasted with a fire ball or dropped by popping all the connecting bubbles. Early hazards are coconut bubbles and steel bubbles (steel bubbles are immune to fire blasts) The other hazards are:

--- Beehives. Hit any bubble connected to these pests and you'll have 5 turns before they attack. When they attack you'll lose control of the shooter and fire 3 bubbles randomly. *NOTE* in the image below the bubbles that will upset the beehive are the 4 blue bubbles and the 2 green bubbles which are directly connected to the hive.

--- Spawners. These will spit a random color bubble onto the field each turn. *NOTE* The trick to spawners is to shoot bubbles rapidly. If you plan a few moves in advance, you can fire off 2-3 shots before they are able to spawn a bubble.

--- Poacher's Trap. Hit one of these and you automatically fail the level.

--- Rotten Fruit. Drop these into your buckets and lose points. *NOTE* Try to drop these in large groups so they don't end up in your baskets.


As with most gaming guides, noting really makes sense until you start playing. The main objective is to have 10 spots on the top row that don’t contain bubbles. This game is not about shooting away as many bubbles as possible, it’s about getting to the top row. Once a bubble is taken out of the top row, it becomes transparent. In the example below, I have 5 transparent bubbles and will need to get 5 more to clear the level. Don’t waste time shooting stuff at the bottom. You only get so many bubbles to load in your shooter and you need to strategically use them to break into the top row bubbles.

You need to plan your moves in advanced. You will be shown the next bubble in the shooter and you can swap it with the current one by clicking the space bar. You can also swap it back if you choose. Take your time with each move. There isn’t a timer on the game so it does you no good to shoot fast (which the exception of the Spawner strategy which will be discussed below).

The best way to get rid of the lower bubbles is to knock out the higher ones they are connected to. In the example below, I have a purple ball in my shooter. I could take out the group of 4 purple balls but it would be better to take out the 2 purple balls on the side because the balls connected to them would be eliminated and drop fruit. You want to drop fruit because that is how you get points and Fireballs. As you progress in level, Fireballs are crucial to game strategy.

You want to get the Fireball into your shooter. This really helps in the higher levels when you start to encounter obstacles.

Fireballs will only appear if you drop fruit three times in a row. To make that happen you need to break the connection between colors.

Explosive Fireballs knock out everything they hit and you will get three of them if you get fruit after 3 consecutive bubble shoots. Fireballs are timed so you need to use them before the timer runs out.

Aiming your shooter at the side walls will cause them to ricochet and you can use this to get to hard to reach places. It does take a little practice but if you master this technique, you will find the game is easier.

On your way to Level 54, you will encounter various obstacles. Coconuts and Metal Coconuts aren’t that bad. They are just fixed obstacles and can only be removed by knocking out the bubbles connected to them. The Metal Coconuts do the same but are immune to the Fireballs.

Beehives are annoying so you will want to take them out as quickly as possible. Once you hit any of the bubbles around a Beehive, you have 5 turns to remove it or the bees will attack you.

Once you are attacked, you lose control of the shooter and three balls will fire randomly. This is really annoying because it can mess up your planned strategy.

The Spawners are even worse than Beehives. They spit out a bubble every time you shoot. There are two strategies you can use to deal with them. Either wait until all the new bubbles land before shooting again or plan a few moves in advance and shoot them very quickly. The spawned bubbles land very slowly. I usually wait them out. It’s best to get rid of the Spawners as quickly as possible to avoid getting more bubbles and messing up your game. I always use my Fireballs to take them out. Level 37 has 8 Spawners right away and the 8 new bubbles per shot doesn’t make it easy.

There are several different types of Power Ups that you can buy with coins you earn in the game or with Bubble Cash. There are also special types of bubbles that will give you different advantages. You get them from friends and will see them at the side of the game. Like with Mafia Ware, the more crap you send your friends, the more crap you will get in return. It’s best to use these “Super Bubbles” when working on the harder levels. There is also a timed spinner that will give you a cool bubble. Only use this when you think you can beat the level. You can't use it every game so don't waste it on a game you will lose anyway.

You will also find Hummingbirds zooming around the game. Their function is to guide fruit and coins into your baskets. For our purposes, we only care about advancement and not our score. I didn't find them to be useful.
Zynga’s Bubble Safari FAQ can be found

You can get stuff and help other Bubble Safari players by going through your news feeds. I didn't really do much of this but it can be useful to collect coins and special bubbles. I didn't search for any automated scanners but I'm sure they exist by now. Go to the link below for a filtered Bubble Safari news feed.

Bix thanks to Jennifer Patterson aka Loot Lady for the great walkthrough and GOOD LUCK to reach your level 54...