I'll meet you in Paris, Guardian, and we'll begin your missions across the world, standing strong against the Ophidian threat.

Meet Nadya Drake in Paris to begin work as a global Guardian.
You have 34 days to finish the Global mission: Paris event.

A - Rendez-vous Deja vu Quest

1.1 Rendez-vous Deja Vu Quest

Paris Balcony Scene


Note: Fill up your progress bar at the top of the Around the World-Paris page. Once that is filled, you get the reward, which is the Eiffel Tower.

1.2 Rendez-vous Deja Vu Quest

1.3 Rendez-vous Deja Vu Quest

Le Bistro Scene

Note:When you play this scene it has nothing to do with the fact that you have already done it in the Estate a long time ago. Please do not confuse the 2. The Bistro scene that we have to do here....is a continuation of the Paris storyline and has a bunch of different items for us to find.

1) Access Le Bistro through your Estate under the EPISODE Tab

2) If you are still working on the trophies ...you can also click on the little Blue Trophy Icon in the top right corner of the Map.

2.1 Rendez-vous Deja Vu Quest

2.2 Rendez-vous Deja Vu Quest

2.3 Rendez-vous Deja Vu Quest

3.1 Rendez-vous Deja Vu Quest

Paris Cafe

B - Paris Balcony Mastery

C - Cafe Le Bistro Mastery

D - Seine Barge Scene Puzzle

Set 1 (25 puzzle pieces)
Set 2 (5 puzzle pieces)
Set 3 (10 puzzle pieces)
Set 4 (11 puzzle pieces)
Set 5 (5 puzzle pieces)

Collect puzzle pieces through wall posts, asking friends, or playing your favorite scenes.

E - Seine Barge Mastery

F - Complete an Electric Car

Note: Once you've completed building the Electric Car....you get one as a reward.

G - Build a Red Windmill

Note: Once you've completed building the Red Windmill....you get one as a reward.

H - Craft a Glass Pyramid

Replica Eiffel Tower

You can earn 13 from the Paris mission.

Paris Marketplace items

Next destination: Prague (Czech Republic)??