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Souvenir Shop Puzzle

Posted by TOKO on Friday, December 13, 2013, In : Puzzles 

Place the Souvenir Shop to unlock a new Puzzle!

Set 1 (20 puzzle pieces) POST
Set 2 (12 puzzle pieces) ASK
Set 3 (5 puzzle pieces) POST
Set 4 (9 puzzle pieces) POST
Set 5 (10 puzzle pieces) ASK

Collect puzzle pieces through special quests, asking friends, or playing your favorite scenes.

Souvenir Shop (10)

Click HERE to find the Object Map.

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LE London Booster

Posted by TOKO on Friday, December 13, 2013, In : Limited Edition 
London Booster

1 750

The London Booster is a free gift from Zynga given to the player when logged on to the game during a limited time.

Estate Size: 4x4

London Booster is an art installation by Czech artist David Černý. It's a bus fitted with hydraulic arms, allowing it to do push ups, accompanied by audio-visual effects. It was created to celebrate the 2012 Summer Olympics and inspire the Czech Republic Olympic team. It was installed outside the Business Design Centre in Islington, which ...

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