Hidden Chronicles - Game Introduction

Thanks to gamezebo.com for the walkthrough.

Welcome to Hidden Chronicles, a new hidden object game from Zynga. In Hidden Chronicles you will search scenes for hidden objects to earn trophies, coins, and experience so that you can solve the mysteries surrounding Ramsey Manor.

Getting Started

Navigating the Screen

    At the top of the screen you will find the balances for your Coins, Cash, Reputation, Energy, Estate points, and Experience.

    On the left side of your screen are your current Quests.


    At the bottom of the screen you will find your friends Toolbar. At the bottom right you will find your main Toolbar which includes your Marketplace, Inventory, Tools, Collections, Settings, and Play buttons.


Coins: coins are the currency in Hidden Chronicles. You will need to coins to purchase items in the marketplace and to unlock new areas of land.
You get 25 coins for each neighbor you visit and an additional 25 when you drop a package (every 24 hours)... you get coins everytime you do a scene or fast find (the better you do the more coins). There are lots of wall posts that give out coins, and can be gained as a reward for completing quests, as well as being often found in the trunks around your estate. (You can purchase them with real money if you want/need more).

: cash is the premium currency in Hidden Chronicles. You will earn one cash each time you level up, otherwise you will need to purchase cash or complete offers to earn cash.
Gain 1 Estate cash each time you level up... Check out the 'Earn Coins&Cash'  for offers and deals (some freebies can be found there) It is also possible to find 1-2 estate cash in trunks discovered while exploring new territory around the estate. (You can purchase as well with real money).

Reputation: you earn reputation points by interacting with your friends. You can earn points by visiting your neighbors, hiding secret packages somewhere on their estate, and challenging them to a Fast Find game. Earning reputation points will unlock new items for your estate.
Gain reputation as you visit neighbors, drop a package or open packages on your estate. Fast Finds will give out reputation points and it is also possible to find them in trunks discovered while exploring new territory around the estate.

The current maximum reputation level is 40 (7886 reputation points).
Energy: energy is required to search hidden object scenes. Each scene requires eight-ten energy points.
"The energy bar will refill 24 energy after every level up. You can get free energy gifts from your friends and use up to 50 energy from your inventory per 24 hours. You can store up to 10 of each of the +1, +2 and +3 energy in your inventory. The price to play of each scene is displayed in the scene menu.
Energy is received as a gift from your friends, by visiting neighbors, purchasing it in the Marketplace, when leveling up, or automatically over time. 1 Energy is earned every 5 minutes, as long as you have less than the maximum energy available.
FastFind challenges currently cost 3 energy to play and scenes will require between 8 to 10 energy. The cost of each scene is displayed in the scene menu.
You can get 1 energy per neighbors visit per day and 2 energy on first-time visit. You can collect minimum 5 and up to 20 energy per day. Please note that it also depends on your reputation level so if your reputation level is 15 then you will receive up to 15 energy max when visiting your neighbors."

Estate points: earning estate points will unlock new hidden object scenes so that you can complete quests. Estate points are earned by decorating your estate and building new structures.
Placing decorations from your inventory or from the market will increase your estate points, as well as being occasionally found in the trunks around your estate.
Put your cursor over the estate points to see how much is required to unlock the next scene
if you've unlocked the Santorini Balcony it will display ### as there are no more scenes to unlock at the moment.
It is also possible to find them in trunks discovered while exploring new territory around the estate.
Experience: experience is earned by completing quests and completing hidden object scenes. When you earn enough experience you will level up. Leveling up will increase your energy and unlock new items to purchase in the marketplace.

Is earned from completing a regular scene, or found on your neighbors' wall posts when they gain an xp level or reputation level (5-15 xp). Completing certain quests will give out xp as a reward and it is also possible to find them in trunks discovered while exploring new territory around the estate.
Marketplace: the marketplace is where you can purchase items for your estate.
Clues: clues are required to unlock new areas on the estate. Click on an area to find out how many clues are needed. Clues can be earned via quests or given to you by your neighbors.

Guardian Seals: Guardian Seals are required to unlock new areas on the estate behind the Bridge and for Buildable Upgrades. Click on an area to find out how many Guardian Seals are needed. Clues can be earned via quests or collections.

Hints: Target Hints where first introduced at March 6th, 2012 to the player by giving them 2 Target hints for free. They can be used while playing a Scene.
FastFind game: Fast Find games are challenges played between friends. You will have 60 seconds to find as many items in a hidden object scene as you can. You can then challenge your neighbor to try and beat your score. You can challenge your neighbor once a day and respond to a challenge once a day. Fast Find games do not use energy and will not earn you trophies.

FastFind Boosts: Boosts can help you improve your game. They can be bought for Estate Coins, Estate Cash and/or Energy in the Marketplace or after starting a FastFind Scene.

Guardian Challenge: GCH games are challenges played between friends. Once you have completed the 60 second game it offers you the opportunity to post your high score to your wall to encourage your friends & Neighbors to Challenge you.
Puzzles/Mini Games: some hidden object scenes contain puzzles that you can solve for additional points. You can choose to skip them if you wish.

Puzzles: assemble puzzle pieces events to get new  scenes.

Super Clues: some hidden object scenes contain "Super Clues". You'll have a better chance of setting a high score for that scene. Finding two or more objects in a scene and clubbing them together is what Super Clues are!

Leaderboard: once you have completed a hidden object scene you will be taken to the leaderboard. Here you will be able to see how your score stacks up against your neighbors.

Trophies: Trophies are earned by completing hidden object scenes within Ramsey Manor. You can earn five trophies for each scene. Unlocking trophies will help unlock new scenes and areas of land.

Getting trophies
Trophy one - mostly common items, resulting in up to 32,000 points per item depending on speed clicked - collect 10 items
Trophy two - new items worth a little more but mostly common can get up to 40,000 per item - collect 10 items
Trophy three - about half and half common and rarer items can get up to 48,000 per item - collect 10 items
Trophy four - more of the rarer items and still up to 48,000 per item - collect 10 items
Trophy five - even more rare items still maxed at 48,000 per item - collect 9 items

The randomness odd the game determines possible score before you ever click. If you get mostly common items, a great score is going to be around 375,000 - 400,000. An average round with the rarer items gets a 400,000 - 425,000 game and once you complete ALL trophies, most levels give you a chance to get around 450,000.

Inventory: your inventory is where you will find items you have earned during the game.

Artifacts: Artifacts are what enable you to explore the Scenes, and they point to a powerful book, known as the Master Chronicles. The Guardian’s role is to restore these artifacts through the completion of Quests and Scenes to find the Master Chronicles.

Inventory Boosts: you can buy different packs of Energy from the Marketplace.

Quests: A Quest in Hidden Chronicles is a series of tasks you have to complete to earn some rewards or unlock new Scenes. The first Quest starts when you open the game the first time and is kind of an introduction how to play the game. These introductional quests don't seem to have a limited time to fulfill them in contrary to the seasonal quests which have to be fulfilled at a given time or they are expired and can't be played again.

Collections: Collections are an achievement available in Hidden Chronicles, which were released on June 16th, 2012. When all items in a collection have been collected, they can be traded in for a special reward.

Buildable Upgrades: You can upgrade buildings in your estate to get higher estate point payouts.

Seven Sons: Search for the Seven Sons is an exciting new feature in Hidden Chronicles. With this feature, you get: A new estate to decorate, new items to decorate it with, n exciting new storyline with lots of quests and scenes to play.

Tips for Hidden Object Scenes

    To access the hidden object scenes in the game either click on Ramsey Manor or on the play button located at the bottom right of your screen.

    This will open up the scenes menu. You can scroll through the available scenes by clicking the arrow buttons located on either side of the menu.
    Select a scene that is available to enter the scene.
    If a scene is not available yet the requirements to unlock it will be listed under the picture of the scene.
    Once you have entered a hidden object scene you will need to click to begin searching.

    The items you need to find will be listed at the bottom of the screen.
    You have unlimited time to find these items but you will receive bonuses dependant on how quickly you complete the scene.
    You will also receive bonuses for finding items quickly in succession. This will allow for higher scores.
    While the list of items to find is randomized, the items within the scenes do not move between visits. So, while you may not be able to find everything quickly the first several times you play a scene, you will begin to remember where items are the more often you play.
    If you become stuck on an item, you can click the hint button and you will be shown where an item is. After using the hint button you will need to wait for it to recharge before you can use it again.
    Once you have completed a scene you will be taken to the leaderboard screen. Here you will see your final score and how it compares to your friends’ scores. You will also see if you have unlocked a trophy.
    To see how many more points you need to unlock the next trophy for a scene, return to the scenes page and hover your mouse over a scene.
    To unlock new scenes you will need to earn estate points. Estate points can be earned by decorating your estate grounds.

Decorating and Building

    Decorating your estate and building structures will earn you estate points, which will unlock new hidden object scenes.
    All items are purchased through the marketplace, which is located at the bottom right of your screen.
    Click on the item you wish to build to be taken back to your estate. Now you can place the item on your estate to finalize your purchase.

    Decorations and gardening items will usually provide instant estate points.

    Structures and buildings take time and usually have specific requirements that need to be met.

    The requirements that you will need to meet will require help from your neighbors. You will either need them to send you items or join your crew.
    You can also choose to skip steps that are required by using cash if you have enough available.
    Once you have met all the requirements for a structure or a building, you will be able to complete it. Until the building is complete you will not earn the estate points.
    You can sell items back using the tool button located at the bottom right of the screen. Click on the tool button and then select the sell button.
    Please note that if you sell an item back you will also lose the estate points you earned from the item.
    Currently you cannot store items that you have purchased.
    Eventually you will start to run out of room to build on. You will either need to sell items to make more room or you will need to unlock new areas of your estate.

    To unlock a new area, click on a darkened area of the map. This will open the exploration menu.
    Here you will be able to see the requirements necessary to unlock this area.
    Each area has different requirements, so if you are unable to unlock one area, keep looking.
    Each area will require you have earned a certain number of trophies, have collected a certain number of clues, and earned enough coins to purchase the land.

    Clues can be found by completing quests or you can request them from your neighbors. You can also purchase them with cash.
    If you meet all the requirements you can click the explore button to unlock the area.
    Be sure to look around your newly unlocked area. There may be hidden treasure on the land or there may be special hidden object scenes that have been unlocked.

Clicking on an unexplored piece of land around your estate will allow you to post for Clues or you can look for wall posts from your neighbor's that give out clues. However Zynga has put limits on how many clues you can collect off your wall each day (currently it is 5 of the "Send Clue" and 5 "Get Clue" Every 24 hour). By posting for Clues allows you to collect up to 5 Clues each time.
You can hold up to 60 Clues in your inventory.

Interacting with Neighbors

    Interacting with your neighbors is a huge part of Hidden Chronicles.
    Friends can send you items or join your crew when you build new structures on your estate.
    Friends can also hide secret packages on your estate grounds that will provide you with bonuses. You can also hide one on their estate.

    Each day you can earn a daily bonus by visiting your friends estates.

    You can also challenge your friends to a Fast Find game once a day and they can challenge you once a day as well.
    A Fast Find game is a timed hidden object scene in which you will try to find as many items as possible in 60 seconds.
    Once you have completed the scene you can challenge your neighbor to beat your score.
    Once they have completed your challenge they can then challenge you to another game.
    Completing challenges and visiting your friends will earn you reputation points.
    Once you’ve earned enough reputation points you will unlock new items in the marketplace.

XP Rewards Amounts for Level Up Wall Posts

Level  1-10 - 5 xp
Level 11-20 -10 xp
Level 21-30 -15 xp
Level 31-40 - 5 xp
Levels 31+ just show their associated titles instead of a star with the levels on them.

Here are those titles:

Level 31 - Impressive Guardian
Level 32 - Superlative Guardian
Level 33 - Accomplished Guardian
Level 34 - Consummate Guardian
Level 35 - Peerless Guardian
Level 36 - World-Class Guardian
Level 37 - Unparalleled Guardian
Level 38 - Excellent Guardian
Level 39 - Oustanding Guardian
Level 40 - Matchless Guardian

* Don't forget you can also pick up 5 xp from your neighbor's reputation level up wall posts

Maximizing Your Coins

    Coins are required for purchasing items in the marketplace and unlocking new areas of your estate.
    Coins are earned by completing quests, searching hidden object scenes, and interacting with your neighbors.
    If you are desperate for coins you can also sell back items you have purchased. Just remember that when you sell an item back you will lose the estate points the item provided.
    You can also purchase coins with cash.

Maximizing Your Energy

    Each hidden object scene (not including Fast Find games) requires eight-ten energy points.
    Once you are out of energy you will need to wait for it to replenish or use an energy boost if you have any on hand.
    Energy replenishes at a rate of one point every five minutes.
    Every time you level up your energy will be increased and refilled.
    You can purchase energy boosts using cash or you can request them from your friends.


The higher the score the more coins you will receive. Xp is based on the scene itself... the scenes closer to the start don't give as much xp as the ones further on in the game.

Base Score:
This is the total of all the items that you've clicked on...  the important thing to remember if you are trying to increase your score is to build up the "chain" bonus by quickly picking items out in a row without making mistakes... you can build up the bonus chain up to x7

Accuracy Bonus: 50,000
Every time you make a mistake you'll lose 5,000 points so try to be careful with the smaller items as a mistake will also reset the chain bonus to zero.

Hint Bonus: 10,000
If you don't click on the hint icon (lower left) you'll get the 10,000 bonus*
*with exception to the Find the differences scenes seems you can use the hints numberous times and not be penalized.

Time Bonus:
This is all about speed, the faster you finish the scene (by finding all the items) the higher this score will be.

Completion Bonus:
This is only for the FastFinds if you find all the items you are awarded a bonus score.

Big thanks to gamezebo.com for the walkthrough.

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